Triumps and Disappointments

Welcome to our training page.

With thanks to Nick Thorne for this lovely photo.


I'll be listing our triumps and disappointments..... Well hopefully there won't be many (any) disappointments.

Larger versions coming soon....

pack1 koala tree
Pack test No 1. Too heavy Sleeping wildlife! What a cool tree.
Mt Wellington Cloud coming in Almost at top
Mt Wellington Cloud coming in Di almost at the top

Now it's Easter and many many kilometres are under our belts - well boots!! I've had to purchase a new pair of boots as my Merrell's just weren't up to the challenge. I now own a lovely pair of Scarpa boots.
Last weekend Steve, Tim and I flew to Hobart for a great long weekend. Steve and Tim went off for morning tea in Hobart, followed by a visit to the Salamanca Market. Then they went out to lunch, caught up with friends and then went out to dinner. While Di and I climbed Mt Wellington. Hmmm role reversal??

Our trip up Mt Wellington went much better than expected. We picked the harder trails "hopefully" - Leaving the car at Fern Tree , we headed up the Pipeline Track (only to find we took the Middle Track) - off to a good start. We joined Radfords Track and walked on up to The Springs. From there we headed up the Pinnacle Track, joined the Zig Zag and arrived at the top for lunch. We unfortunately forgot to take a photo - too excited to have that cup of tea! We found a lovely view, had lunch and set off walking down the road until we joined the Panorama Track. Half way down the track became a well flowing water way, so the boots waterproofing certainly were tested. YES! Feet remained dry.
Back on the road for about a kilometre, arriving at the Chalet for a quick break and a cuppa tea. Unfortunately, a family were there with a lovely huge fire burning in the fireplace. It was hard to leave, but we had no choice having to get off the mountain. We headed off on the Organ Pipes Track and Di kept saying what an awesome view we will get of the Organ Pipes. Unfortunately the clouds beat us there and we only got the occasional glimpse. Even so it was still spectacular. Further down we re-joined the Pinnacle Track and then we had to hoof it down as it was becoming darker due to the cloud cover - it had nothing to do with the fact that it was 5 pm!!
Di went to get her torch out of her emergency kit only to find she had grabbed the snake bite kit by accident. Oh well. Best we walk a bit faster. We arrived at The Springs and decided to walk down via the road as it was quite dark under the trees. Needless to say, that added 3 km to our trip and we arrived at the car just before 7 pm. Never the less, we had an awesome time, still felt good although our feet were a bit sore from walking on the bitumen. BUT we were elated with the 17 km we had done. We topped off our day with swinging by the Chinese and grabbing a fried rice for dinner. Mmmm.


It's getting closer and closer.
Rhys and I have been joined by Murray to plod around the You Yangs. Petroula has come up and has done some hiking with us. I've managed to fill my pack to 13 kg and walk around without too much of a problem. It's generally around the 8 to 10 kg on average. We have found a new re-opened track at the You Yangs which has added 3 km so we are on average walking around the 14 km mark. Not bad going.
Di has promised to email stories about her walks.......... I'm still waiting!!


Di is still plodding around Tasmania. I'm still tackling the You Yangs, and Petroula the gym.


And the pack carrying begins......
Dianne is still walking with the Hobart Bushies and is out at least twice a week. I am getting to know the You Yangs very well now. Petroula due to her back injury is still working at the gym and out walking, but no pack carrying.


Christmas is coming and that means eating............
Thankfully not too much was consumed by Dianne and Merryn, but Petroula being the good Greek girl that she is, ate enough for all of us!!
But alas the training is still on track.


Well so far we are all still training well. Currently without packs but that will change in January.

October 2013

Sunday 27th Rhys and I had a great walk around the You Yangs today. Did a different track(s) and ended up with 10km under our belt. It wasn't too hilly, but we were out in the sun more than usual. Even helped a mountain bike rider clean himself up after he stacked!! Good dead done for the day. I haven't heard from Di as yet but she is out doing a 15km hike somewhere in Tassy with the Hobart Bushies.
Saturday 20th Due to other commitments neither Di or I were out walking. Di is laying new flooring down at her mum's house, and I'm helping Petroula to bake a birthday cake for her nephews 15th!! - After this I'm sure we should be out walking....
Saturday 5th - Both Dianne and I had good walking days. I did my usual 8 km hike around the You Yangs and boy was it hot and windy. Good training day for C2C as I'm sure it will be hot and windy there at times - especially as there aren't many trees on some of the days. I'm being positive here with the "hot".
Dianne went hiking up a hill (I'll get the details to add here). She arrived at the starting point, with the bbq area swarming in people. She climbed her mountain (about 400 metres) - return trip about 3 hours, to find not one person in the bbq area. Twilight zone moment with everyone beamed up!! I think not. Just as she was putting her gear into her car, a park ranger drove up and said, "I've been waiting for you!", unfortunately not the, I've been waiting all my life for you speech, but the park has been closed due to high winds speech.
P.S. Pole is 'broken' again

September 2013
Di has been training super hard, and as you can see has lost heaps of weight. Okay so it's not the best photo.....

29th - Pole has been fixed, still can't figure out how the bottom part goes into it, but there is a challenge for us down the track. Today Rhys and I had the company of Kathleen and Stevie 1. We motored around the 8 km, it turned out to be a pretty hot day but a great walk. We finished just after lunch time, so what better place to go but the Little River pub. Had an awesome lunch - Kathleen - roast of the day (Turkey), Rhys had a burger with the lot, Stevie 1 had a massive Mixed grill, and I had a lovely Calamari and salad.
Plenty of wild life was spotted:

27th - Dianne has been hiking around Tasmania with the Hobart Bushwalking club. Averaging about 15 km on each outing. Her new boots are worn in, from what I hear, even got dirty! But they kept the water at bay and her socks remained dry.
22nd - Managed a 8 km hike around the You Yangs National Park. It was a glorious day, and I even took my new hiking pole out for a test. Unfortunately, Rhys managed to jam it about 1 minute into the walk and so it wasn't well used.
Update on the pole situation - have managed to fix the pole and it should be right for next Sunday's hike.
Today is the 24th, and although it wasn't all in one shot, I managed to walk almost 10 km for the day. I will ask Dianne to update her progress, or at least send her details to me.