Merryn and Dianne's Travels

A journey into the unknown.....

Welcome to the new look Merenre site.


Within these pages will be updates to "getting ready" for our Coast to Coast walk across England. This is due to take place in May 2014.
**Update** We will begin our walk on Tuesday the 13th of May 2014.
It all began when Dianne mentioned not wanting to be in Australia for her 50th birthday. So what better way is there to celebrate than to "bust a gut" hiking across another country.
2 unfit, overweight, 50 ish woman.............BUT that is changing - we are on our way to being fit, healthy, still 50 ish, but feeling so much better.
We are now to be joined by a 3rd (but not a 3rd wheel)....
The 3 girls who are off on this challenge are: Dianne, Merryn and Petroula

paris 1. Paris - a week of celebration c2c 2. Coast to Coast
canalWho knows what these weeks will contain!

Maybe will will head to .....
Nessie .... To Scotland to meet Nessie OR
canalIf the legs are willing - Hadrian's Wall londonFinally - London - a week of reminiscing